Test Drive: Tarte's Quick-Dry Lip Colors Will Blow Your Mind in 10 Seconds or Less

Watch out, Kylie.

Tarte's Quick-Dry Lip Colors on a clock's dial
(Image credit: Design by Betsy Farrell)

I love a lip-print-on-the-coffee-cup moment as much as next woman—but as far as transferring goes, the romance ends there. Lipstick on the teeth...clownish smearing...it's why I don't wear a lip color as often as I'd like to.

Forever in search of a solution to this conundrum of mine, when a fellow beauty editor waxed poetic about Tarte's new Tartiest Quick Dry Lip Paint (available in ten shades ranging from pinky neutrals to moody reds), I thought hey, maybe this is a quick dry claim I can actually get behind. I mean, the brand did conduct a test on their Instagram Stories and the pigment was dry-to-the-touch in as little as 10 SECONDS.

The Test

For my own in-office trial, I reached for peachy-pink "Get It!" and immediately fell in love with the smooth, matte-but-not-too matte, and creamy weightless finish. It spread *evenly*, which is not something that can be said for most liquid lipsticks.

Once my pout was painted, I counted to five, firmly kissed a piece of paper, waited another five seconds and then did so again. (Yes, onlookers were confused/concerned.)

Kiss marks after 5 and 10 seconds

(Image credit: Design by Betsy Farrell)

While there was definitely some transfer after five seconds, when I pressed my lips down after 10, all that was left behind was a whisper-soft trace of a kiss. As far as I was concerned, it was incredibly true to claim. And thus, I've been hooked since.

Though, I will say that because it sticks so well, for so long, you can only pull it off if you have moisturized, flake-free lips to begin with. Overnight lip treatments are non-negotiable!

Tarte Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint, $20; tartecosmetics.com

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