Lorelai Gilmore's "Vicious Trollop" Lip Color Can Now Be Yours

At long last.

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If there's a fan base I most belong to, it's Gilmore Girls. From going on their junk-food-fueled diet to visiting Stars Hollow IRL (Washington Depot, CT), I've tried to immerse myself in all things Gilmore. The one missing piece of the puzzle? As a beauty editor, it's Lorelai's infamous "Vicious Trollop" lip color—a shade so nice it "frightened" Emily Gilmore. The novel of the latter aside, I always thought of it as the perfect post-coital, just-bitten lip shade.

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Well, now it's here via Etsy—except in lip balm form. And while I definitely acknowledge that the Gilmore Girls love 'em some lip balm, and the confectionary"pink orange vanilla" flavor would strike their fancy, I have to say I'm a little disappointed. I was hoping for something more sassy, like a bold MAC matte, you know? I thought we were on the right track when the official Gilmore Girls account posted this.

However, if a tint is more your vibe, the balm created by Urban Tee Farm can be yours for $5.25, alongside other Gilmore Girls-inspired shades like "Spring Break" and "Java Junkie."

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