This Telebeauty Technology Will Help You Fake an Entire Face of Makeup When You WFH

Because we can't be bothered.

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Studies have found that employees who work at home are not only happier, but also more productive than their in-office counterparts.

And while we love getting ourselves gussied up as much as the next woman, we suspect that skipping all that getting ready business and staying in one's pajamas (the ultimate luxury) has a lot to do with it. But what happens when there are video conferences in the mix? While a man might throw on a suit jacket and leave it at that, a woman that prefers to wear makeup has to go to the trouble of applying her daily face beat. This, being kind of a nuisance when they're only accommodating a sliver of the day.

Recognizing this conundrum, Shiseido, in collaboration with Microsoft Japan, has created a "TeleBeauty" technology that works like a makeup filter of sorts during video conferencing. But fear not, as the tech goes far beyond your average Snapchat filter. It calibrates skin tone, blurs imperfections like visible pores or shadows, and follows the user's facial movements smoothly so that you can't tell it's a simulation.

Furthermore, it's not one size fits all in the style of makeup or much is applied. You can choose from four different makeup patterns (natural, trend, cool, and pretty—we're trying not to read too deeply into these) incorporating lips, cheeks, and eye makeup designed by Shiseido artists, as well as control the thickness of makeup around the eyes and mouth.

Saving precious time, effort, and product, it also gives your skin a break, which is never a bad thing. Not to mention, it gives you a professional-grade application at the press of a button. See the technology in action below:

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