5 Predictions on How 'Wonder Woman' Will Influence Beauty

What highlighter she use?

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Shall we just go ahead and call it? Wonder Woman is this summer's #MostTalkedAboutMovie. There—called it.

But as the volley across the Strait of What Else Can Make Dude-Bros Angry continues, we're already seeing some tangible effects. Kindergartners yelling at boys who litter. Women and girls leaving theaters grateful to have seen a female-led superhero movie made for them. So, in the face of that, it might feel a bit weird to bring beauty back into the conversation. But crucial point: Being strong doesn't mean you can't like talking about mascara too. Ahead, ways the movie will influence beauty.


1. Expect Loads and Loads of Tutorials

Here's a Lichtenstein-y one. And there are a handful of others that teach viewers how to get the high braided pony Diana and the Amazons (great band name) wear. Timely! But also not a celebrity inspiration, which is refreshing.

2. There Will Be Brushes

Probably somewhere overseas, there are machines cranking out WW-branded eyeshadow palettes and magnetic cuffs your set of accompanying WW-branded blending brushes can stick to. As seen with the unicorn and rainbow trends, brands are keen to ride/capitalize on the wave, which is cool but would be even cooler if the all-women design team behind the official merch line were the ones to do it.

3. And Blushes

This is the best advertisement for what physical activity can do for your complexion:

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But barring spin-kicking Germans, some well-placed rouge can achieve the same effect. And it's about time too, after far too long of muddy, contoured faces.


4. Maybe a New Kind of Workout Hair

Reminder: Swingy ponytails, even the aforementioned braided kind, are not super healthy for your hair, because gravity = aggravation/possibly breakage. So why not channel our girl and go into battle (HIIT class, same thing) sans elastic? This writer did, and it wasn't as itchy as you'd imagine.

5. Ooh, What About *Pubic* Hair?

Bit of a reach, but use your imagination: How would women who live in a world without men and their manmade porn treat their nether regions? Probably not by pouring hot wax on them. Not saying Brazilians are bad, or that the bush is really, truly back—someday, Amber Rose! Just that the nurture-nature debate doesn't just apply to childcare.

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