Rhode's First Cleanser Has Finally Arrived

Here's what derms have to say about Pineapple Refresh.

Rhode Pineapple Refresh
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Glazed donuts are like nothing else, but do you ever just...need a bite of fruit first?

It's been a long Rhode, but Hailey Bieber has finally brought her skincare brand into the world of cleansers. Officially launching Thursday, January 25, Rhode's Pineapple Refresh daily cleanser was created to be the first step in your Rhode skincare routine—before you tackle all that glazed donut goodness, I mean.

The product's hero ingredients include polyglutamic acid, green tea extract, and pineapple enzymes—all of which skincare professionals say are the real deal.

"Polyglutamic acid, most commonly referenced as PGA, is most recognized for its hydrating properties and ability to retain moisture more effectively than hyaluronic acid, a common skincare ingredient for increasing moisture. PGA’s intense hydration properties help to improve skin’s elasticity, resulting in smoother and firmer skin," explains Dr. Shuting Hu, Biologist, Founder, and CEO of Acaderma. Green tea extract, meanwhile, is renowned for its "powerful antioxidant capabilities that help to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and reduce the signs of aging while also helping to calm inflamed and irritated skin."

And the product's namesake ingredient? "Pineapple Enzyme is a great natural exfoliator that helps refine skin texture by removing dead skin cells to reveal smoother and more radiant skin," adds Dr. Hu.

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After you rinse, ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid will you keep you hydrated and help kick off the glazing ceremony.

"The ingredients are great and lend [the cleanser] to being a really nice option for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin. All cleansers/soaps have surfactants to help cleanse the dirt and oil off the skin. In their formulation, Rhode chose one on the gentler side. They also include hydrating and soothing ingredients such as glycerin, PGA, and tocopherol. The addition of pineapple fruit extract provides a natural source of glycolic acid to gently exfoliate, as well as soothing antioxidant properties," adds Dr. Robert Finney, a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist and founder of Soho Skin and Hair Restoration.

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While some swap between oil and gel cleansers, often mixing the two in their routine, Bieber's company developed a unique, gentle balm-to-leather formula that combines some of what we love about each formula. (Although they do recommend starting with an actual oil cleanser if removing waterproof makeup or full glam.)

"The silky golden balm melts into lush, foamy bubbles to easily rinse away SPF, makeup, and dirt without stripping your skin or drying you out. Instead, Pineapple Refresh leaves skin with a fresh, dewy glow and is the ultimate AM/PM refresh for your skin that feels like a sun-soaked vacation," shares the brand.

Although pineapples and beach-y imagery feature heavily in the product's branding, it's ultimately fragrance free. With that, it's great for all skin types, including the most sensitive among us.

"Overall, [this is] a great option for all skin types: it's accessible for those with sensitive skin and will still include a little exfoliation," adds Dr. Finney. "Its no surprise, the mind behind the formulation, Dr. Bhanusali, has a great track record making some extremely elegant topical formulations."

How refreshing.

Rhode Pineapple Refresh will be available for purchase at rhodeskin.com on Thursday, January 25. You can join the waitlist here and shop more Rhode below.

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