Sabrina Carpenter and Sydney Sweeney Wore This New Designer Blush—Now I'm Hooked Too

It's SO pretty.

Sabrina Carpenter and Sydney Sweeney Wore This New Designer Blush—Now I'm Hooked Too
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A few weeks ago, I was at Coachella and caught Sabrina Carpenter's incredible performance. While the music (as always) was super fun, I'm a beauty editor who's always on the job so the first thing I noticed was her standout beauty look. What stood out the most, you ask? It turns out Carpenter was actually one of the first to sport Armani's vibrant new Luminous Silk Cheek Tint ($39) before its release. It was pure luck that I found out a few days after Coachella the exact formula she was wearing (thanks to her makeup artist Carolina Gonzalez).

Soon after this miraculous discovery, I covered the Met Gala and learned that Sydney Sweeney (who sported one of my favorite looks of the night) also wore it along with a faux bob. Did we just uncover the new It blush of the season?

I'm a recent blush convert myself, so naturally, I was transfixed. This formula is so pigmented, dewy, and just plain pretty on the cheeks—everything I look for in a blush.

Sabrina Carpenter performing at Coachella 2024

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Thanks to Gonzalez, we now also know the exact shades Carpenter wore: 53 Bold Pink and 62 Delicate Mauve. Gonzales blended the two here to give Carpenter a bold and bright wash of color on the cheeks. As soon as I learned what shades Carpenter was wearing, I immediately snagged the same ones. While I was initially concerned the shade Bold Pink would be too bright for me, boy, was I wrong! It's the perfect bright pink shade that doesn't over do it.

The formula is super lightweight, blends beautifully, and is buildable. Don't worry—I know the fear with most pigmented blushes is that you'll look like a clown if you dab even the smallest amount on, but this one in similar to Rare Beauty's Soft Pinch formula in the way that it provides a great amount of color payoff without overwhelming you. The brand even says it can last up to 12 hours on the skin without needing a refresh.

The Luminous Silk line from Armani is a favorite of mine. The Luminous Silk Foundation ($69), beloved by many a celebrity makeup artist, provides the perfect amount of soft-matte coverage without oil or any pore-clogging ingredients. It's one of the few foundations that doesn't break out my super-sensitive, acne-prone skin, so I keep it close at all times. The Luminous Silk Concealer ($42) is equally as good.

I'm not the only one who's a fan, either. Gonzalez happened to use these two picks on Carpenter at Coachella too. Below, I've added a few other products used for Carpenter's look, shades included!

Sydney Sweeney at the 2024 Met Gala

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For Sweeney's look, celebrity makeup artist Melissa Hernandez also used shade 53 in the Luminous Silk Cheek Tint. Hernandez said of Sweeney's look, "The contrast between the black gloves and delicate blue tulle of Sydney’s custom Miu Miu gown inspired me to create a look that felt edgy, yet ethereal and feminine. Using the new Armani Beauty Cheek Tint, we created a romantic bubble-gum flush of color that was the perfect contrast to the black details of her ensemble."

See what else Hernandez used to complete Sweeney's look below.

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