Shay Mitchell Is Bringing the Jellyfish Haircut Into 2024

We love to sea it.

Shay Mitchell
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With her gorgeous long hair and beach-inspired Onda canned cocktail line, Shay Mitchell may in fact be a mermaid—or a close relative, at least. This year, she's turning the relation rumors to another sea creature: the humble jellyfish, a.k.a. the namesake of her newest hairstyle.

In case you missed it, the Jellyfish Cut first took social media by storm last winter. As seen in some shape or form on Nicole Kidman and Lily Collins, the trendy style forgoes any gradual blending in its layers, instead opting for a bold juxtaposition of short and long strands chopped in two specific steps. It's like a mullet, but somehow bolder.

Mitchell first showed off the look on Monday, January 15, posing for a series of photos and a video posted by her hairstylist, Dimitris Giannetos. To get the look, the celebrity hairdresser used a selection of products by Moroccanoil.

Shay Mitchell

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"New jellyfish hair cut for my girl," he wrote via Instagram, tagging the brand and the rest of Mitchell's styling team, including makeup artist Ash K Holm and stylist Shalev Lavàn.

While the comments section quickly filled with fire emojis, fans and fellow celebs decided to share more fleshed-out opinions on the style.

"OBSESSED, I'm going to need to clone this cut on my head," wrote a commenter, while Julianne Hough called the cut "so sick."

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Although a physical chop holds more staying power than a wig, there's no telling how long Mitchell's jellyfish style will stick around—she loves to change things up. In the last year, we've seen her in a pixie, bob, bangs, and even blonde and copper locks.

But for now, it's all jellyfish. I can't wait to see how she styles the oceanic 'do.

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