Pat McGrath and Taylor Swift Have Some 'Kiss Proof' Red Lipsticks for You

"Choose your A team."

Taylor Swift wearing red lipstick while kissing Travis Kelce at the 2024 Super Bowl.
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By now you've probably heard that the Kansas City Chiefs won the 2024 Super Bowl, which is brilliant news for Taylor Swift fans (her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, is the team's tight end) and the red lipstick economy as a whole. Throughout the entire football season, the 34-year-old has been wearing bold red lips. Now, we have an idea as to what formulas have the staying power to withstand her sweaty post-win smooches on the field.

In an Instagram story posted. shortly after the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory, celebrity makeup artist and brand founder Pat McGrath shared a series of "kiss proof red lipsticks" that have been worn by Swift, a known fan of the brand. "Red lip takeover," McGrath wrote in the first slide, going on to promote four Swift-approved red hues from her MatteTrance Lipstick collection.

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McGrath's choices included Rouge 8 (a mid-tone brick red), Forbidden Love (an "ultimate classic red"), Obsessed! (a bright orange red), and Elson (the beloved blue red that Swift is known to favor).

"Get ready for kickoff tomorrow with KISSPROOF red lips as seen through the eras of the ICONIC Taylor Swift. It is such a joy watching these moments back: The VMAs, on set of 'Bejeweled' directed by Taylor herself…CHILLS," wrote the makeup artist in a pre-Super Bowl Instagram post.. "Taylor, thank you! It is so fun watching you from the sidelines and even more of a pleasure working with you through the years."

Unsurprisingly, she predicted Swift's game day look perfectly.

Taylor Swift wears red lipstick at the 2024 Super Bowl.

Taylor Swift's red lipstick was visible from afar (that is, across the field at the 2024 Super Bowl) on Sunday, February 11.

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Although the singer chose to go with a more neutral lip for a night of Vegas afterparties, images from her on-field celebration with Kelce show that her game day lip did stay completely intact.

"This groundbreaking formulation delivers the ultimate matte finish with major hydration and achieves the perfect balance between lasting wear and comfort that fans crave," writes Pat McGrath in the product's official description.

Football fans, Valentine's day daters, Swifties, and general red lip aficionados: We've got you taken care of. Shop McGrath's "kiss proof" red lipsticks below.

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