To Shave or To Wax...

What's your preference: Shaving or Waxing?

We all know the pros and cons to shaving vs. waxing: with shaving, it's quick and easy but you have to do it more often; with waxing, you get longer results but you'll have to wait until hair grows in between treatments. I personally have always been more into waxing since it seems to thin out my hair too (and okay, full disclosure, I go to my aunt's salon in Hoboken which is way easier than waxing myself), but I've found reason to cheat. Schick's Intuition Plus is perfect for me since I would normally not have shaving gel on hand – the solid tip doubles as a moisturizer which creates a lather in the bath. The four blades also give a close shave and help get rid of the ingrown hairs that I often get when waxing.

I'm also addicted to the Quattro for Women TrimStyle, that multitasks as a razor on one end and trimmer on the other. Two quick things about this: the trimmer is adjustable to cut at different lengths, and though I've never tried a trimmer before, it was pretty foolproof to use - and, it's waterproof. Yay!

If you're still a waxing gal check out our 8 Don'ts and Do's of At Home Waxing

What are your favorite hair removal products?

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