Touchland's Celeb-Favorite Hand Sanitizer Is Now Sensitive Skin-Friendly

Gentle Mist has arrived, and it smells like lily of the valley.

(Image credit: Touchland)

What do the Kardashians, Mindy Kaling, and Christina Aguilera all have in common? Excellent taste in hand sanitizer, obviously. Like so many other celebrities, creators, and yours truly, these stars are all big fans of Touchland: The sanitizer brand that's taken the world by storm. And now, those with sensitive skin can get in on their misting magic.

On Tuesday, January 16, Touchland released Gentle Mist—a brand-new version of their beloved hand sanitizer created specifically for sensitive skin types (but more than suitable for everyone). Developed to bring a sense of delight to your everyday hygiene practices, the sanitizer boasts skin-soothing benefits that are just as strong as their germ-fighting counterparts. It's also vegan and cruelty free.


(Image credit: Touchland)

Joining a whole roster of fun scents and colorful packages, the soft green Gentle Mist smells like Lily of the Valley. It was specifically formulated to sooth sensitive skin, helping you manage the discomfort and dryness that typically comes from cleaning your hands.

Another major benefit? A stronger moisture barrier, which aids in a healthier-looking, more hydrated complexion. This is made possible through its hypoallergenic and nourishing formula, which features ingredients like madecosside (an amino-acid, beta carotene, fatty acid, and phytochemical-rich component found in centella asiatica that features outstanding soothing properties), niacinamide (which works with your skin to protect against moisture loss and dehydration), and areumat perpetua (an active, neuro-soothing ingredient that supports sensitive skin when faced with the harmful effects of a hectic lifestyle).

Every time you mist, the formula immediately works to calm and soothe your sensitive skin while sanitizing. Win, win, win.

You can shop Gentle Mist in-stores and online at Sephora beginning Tuesday, January 16.

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