Achieve Your Goals in 10 Easy Steps

Want to get your victory dance on? Check out our list of 10 simple steps from life coach Lauren Zander, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Handel Group, that'll have you crossing the finish line to your goals in no time.

Achieve Your Goals

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1. Be specific and know exactly what you want. Whether it's a man, a job, or a clothing size, always be clear, concise, and certain of your dream.

2. Believe you deserve it. Dismantle all your fears and doubts about not being able to get what you want.

3. Be as impeccable as you can in keeping your promises to yourself and others. Have personal integrity. This is how you keep your self-respect and grow your power and influence.

4. Develop great relationships with as many people as you can. Do favors for them and keep the bond growing over your lifetime. You can never have enough relationships to build a life you love.

5. Become a risk taker. Be the ballsiest person in the room. Always kill the chicken in you. Happiness lives on the other side of conquering your fears.

6. Tell the truth. Don't be fake. Don't sell out because you want to be liked. Be your true self. And if you don't like yourself, know you can change and develop your personality into who you want to be. That's your job.

7. When things don't turn out or they are really hard, it's O.K. to let it go. When you let something go, something else will come in that is better if you're being true to yourself.

8. After you have achieved something big and important, always invent what is next. People forget to do this and then they think their dreams die but the truth is that you achieved your dream and now you need another one.

9. Always tell a fair story which means both sides are represented. This will keep you kind and humble which is critical to getting what you want in life.

10. Never stop being loving and lovable to everyone around you. Your charm and delight and fun is crucial to getting what you want. Don't let yourself be a downer. Always know when you're complaining and stop it! This doesn't mean be fake or pretend you're happy when you're not, it means tell the truth and love your life and be loving about life at all times. Your attitude is so important.