Adele Praises Taylor Swift For Making Football “More Enjoyable to Watch”

“All of you that are complaining about Taylor being at the game, get a f****** life.”

Adele praises Taylor Swift for making football "more enjoyable to watch."
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Singer Adele has had enough of the "dads, Brads, and Chads" throwing toddler-like temper tantrums over Taylor Swift attending Kansas City Chiefs games in person in support of her boyfriend, tight end Travis Kelce.

During her residency show at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on Saturday, the "Someone Like You" singer said Swift has made professional football games “more enjoyable to watch" because Adele has "no idea what's going on" on the field.

"I think I want the Chiefs to win,” Adele could be seen saying in a video posted by a fan account on X, formerly known as Twitter.

"And all of you that are complaining about Taylor being at the game, get a f******life—it’s her f****** boyfriend!” she continued, pulling zero punches in true Adele fashion.

Adele performs onstage during "Weekends with Adele" at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

Adele performs onstage during "Weekends with Adele" at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

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While Swift's in-person game day attendance has been a gift to the NFL—the league has benefited monetarily in ticket sales, jersey sales and an overall increase in viewership, especially among women—and dads have shared how Swift attending NFL games have given them another way to bond with their daughters, people have relentlessly attacked the singer for supporting her boyfriend in-person.

Others have gone so far as to spread conspiracy theories about Swift and Kelce's relationship, including a right-wing conspiracy that their budding romance is manufactured in order to help President Joe Biden secure another four years in the White House.

Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid fielded a question about those conspiracy theories from a German reporter ahead of Super Bowl 58.

"That’s way out of my league, very similar to me speaking German," Reid said. "I appreciate the question, she’s been great, and we had a nice visit with president Biden— that’s about as far as I can go—last year."

Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes react during a game between the Los Angeles Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs.

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On Saturday, Gracie Hunt—Kansas City Chiefs chairman and CEo Clark Hunt's daughter—confirmed to People that Swift would be in attendance on Sunday as her boyfriend's team takes on the San Francisco 49ers.

“She’s coming! She’s coming!" Hunt told the publication. "We’re excited."

Something tells us Adele will be watching, too—thanks to Swift.

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