8 Things You Can Learn About Instagram From Sarah Jessica Parker

In SJP we trust.

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Mobile phone, Dress, Fashion, Beauty, Portable communications device, Necklace, Gadget, Satin, Telephony, Communication Device,

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Celebrity Instagrams are special beasts that run the gamut from yawn-inducing, to decidedly overshared, to "I thought you were cool before, but now I just want to be your best friend." We don't want to name names, but the latter is most true for Sarah Jessica Parker with one exception: We've always wanted to be her best friend.

SJP is the quintessential celebrity girl's girl, but she's just as much a mother, career woman, and dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker and her Instagram is a reflection of just that. Considering that we're utterly enchanted by Parker's 'grams, and that this craze shows no signs of slowing down (thankfully), we're taking notes so that we can take our own feeds up a notch. Here's what we learned:

1. Your Instagram Should Make You Happy First

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What we love most about scrolling through Parker's musings it that each one feels very "her." She may be fiercly private, but her feed gives us a lighthearted, instrospective peek at what brings her happiness day-to-day, from the little things (ah, a tall stack of books) to the bigger moments (live 'gramming the Met Gala, NBD).

2. Compositions Should Be Thoughtful

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Another thing we love about Instagram, that SJP seems to appreciate as well, is using it as a means to tap into our inner-photographer. Parker clearly has a discerning eye when it comes to the images she chooses.

3. Emphasize Your P.O.V., Even in the Smallest Ways

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Our favorite Parker 'grams make us feel as if we're staring at them through her grey blue eyes. It's her whimsy lens of the world.

4. Write Clever, Earnest Captions

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Those who've grown weary of Carrie Bradshaw-isms over time might not find them quite as amusing, but we adore the succinct and narrative commentary in Parker's captions. These little anecdotes are so signature we practically hear her saying them aloud in our heads.

5. Or Just Be Funny...

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Because who doesn't love a good quip?

6. Don't be Too #SELFIE Centric

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You might know from experience that #selfies tend to get more likes. In fact, a Georgia Tech report suggests that pictures with faces get 38% more likes and 32% more comments. This said, you don't want to go overboard. We advise at least a 1/8 ratio.

7. A Little Self-Promo Can't Hurt

Earlier this year, we went to see Parker speak at the 92Y and learned that she finally caved to social (Instagram, moreso than Twitter) as way to promote her SJP Collection shoe line. Her 'grams prove that Instagram can be an effective, and equally cool, way to show how your career melds with your lifestyle.

8. Share, But Don't Overshare

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Last but not least, it's amazing that Instagram allows us to document our lives in an easy, nuanced way. This said, if SJP has taught us anything, it's that keeping the mystery alive goes a long way.

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