Sarah Jessica Parker Reveals Dreamy Shoe Collection

Just one more reason why it's good to be a SATC alum.

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BIG NEWS: Sarah Jessica Parker has crafted a line of shoes. It seems only natural that the woman who played Carrie Bradshaw on television for almost a decade would receive the honor of designing her character's bread and butter: stilettos.

"The inspiration really was thinking of the single sole...and really loving color and treating color as a neutral, which isn't super typical," SJP explains her thought process in imagining each shoe. "That's what I loved about being Carrie Bradshaw, the rules didn't seem to apply to her."

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Watch with us in awe and envy as Gayle King of our sister mag, O: The Oprah Magazine, tries on a bevy of beautiful heels with SJP's personalized stamp in this dreamy video from The Coveteur. Parker is endearingly giddy the entire time, swept up in a dream of shoes and colors and fabrics (and we're right there with her). The full collection will be on sale at Nordstrom on February 28th.

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