Spike Jonze, Elle Fanning Surprise Karen O with Whimsical, Impromptu Music Video

Well, what else can you do when all the elements are right there?

It makes sense, really: Give some photographers an #EmptyMet (opens in new tab), and they go ham on a hordes-less Temple of Dendur. Give Spike Jonze, Elle Fanning (opens in new tab), and the Opening Ceremony team a different kind of #EmptyMet, and they make an achingly awkward-adorable, off-the-cuff music video.

To congratulate Karen O on her new solo album Crush Songs, the writer-director and star of OC's Spring 2015 play-cum-fashion-show collaborated on a short film set to "Ooo." "It just seemed like if you have the Opera House, that song, and Elle Fanning together, you shouldn't let the opportunity go by," Jonze wrote for Vice (opens in new tab).

Amen to that.

Watch the final product below, and, if you're like us, start location scouting for your own #EmptyVenue.

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Image via Vice

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