Watch Jessie J's New Video for 'Burnin' Up'

Sexy doesn't even begin to cover it.

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Jessie J (opens in new tab) just delivered a smoking hot sequel to her collab with our October cover girl Ariana Grande (opens in new tab) and Nicki Minaj, "Bang, Bang."

In the new video for her single, "Burnin' Up" featuring 2-Chainz, the British songstress is keep things ablaze solo. The short finds J decked in a myriad of sexy outfits — including a black latex playsuit, gilded bikini, and nude onsie — leading a fierce troop of dancers while showing off her signature vocal gymnastics. She also throws in a ring of tanned, oil-slicked male eye candy for good measure.

"Burnin' Up," is the second single off of J's forthcoming album Sweet Talker, which has already received rave reviews, and features an impressive roster of guests including Grande, Minaj, and De La Soul. It drops October 14.

Lauren Valenti
Lauren Valenti

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