Finally Something to Turn Down for: Michelle Obama's Turnip Vine

"Fire up loud/another round of ... vegetables."

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Getty Images

If Michelle Obama's Internet-shattering Vine had also starred a kitten—alongside Lil John and the most relevant turnip in the world—you wouldn't be reading this right now. (Because the World Wide Web wouldn't exist anymore, get it?)

In response to president impersonator Imman Crosson's #AskTheFirstLady submission "How many calories do you burn every time you 'turn up'?!," the health advocate filmed a 6-second video set to "Turn Down for What," a song that, if you're unfamiliar, only has four distinct lines of lyrics.

Head-bobbing while holding a fine specimen from the White House kitchen garden, Mrs. Obama reminds us—as if we ever forgot—that she's both up on her pop culture and the very best of good sports.

This is one Vine you won't want to pause.

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