Kendall Jenner Receives Advice from Coco Rocha on How to Handle Bullies

It comes with the territory.

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Take it from Coco Rocha, aka a fashion industry vet who's been around the block more than a few times: When you stick a bunch of models in a confined space, someone will inevitably put out her cig in someone else's drink, and we'll all hear about it in the next InTouch.

During a session of HuffPost Live, Rocha addressed this exact scenario, which allegedly played out at New York Fashion Week with Kendall Jenner in the role of the victim.

"You have to remember that during the shows, it is all very young girls. It's like high school," she said. "We breathe and eat and sleep together for two months, so it gets to a point where you're just overwhelmed, frustrated, and tired. I've had my own stories where yes, it gets a little catty backstage."

So how should young Kendall react the next time another model mistakes her lemongrass green tea for an ashtray? Turn the other cheek, take the high road, be the bigger person, etc., Rocha recommends.

"When it does happen, step back, breathe a minute, get out of the room—whatever you need to do. Because in the end, people are watching you under such a fine microscope," said the Canadian catwalker. "People are going to watch whatever you do, so if you want the job, if you want to be respected in the industry, remember that even though you're a young girl, you have to act a little older and a little wiser."

True words we can all try to remember.

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