Taylor Swift's Bad Feeling About Spotify Cost Her $6 Million

That's a big number to shake, shake, shake, shake, shake off.

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Are you OK, Taylor Swift? It was fun counting your outfits and watching you go Elin Nordegren on Sean O'Pry's poor two-seater, but this new intel has us a teensy bit worried about your actual marbles.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek released a statement Tuesday, in which he addressed the "Blank Space" singer-songwriter's departure from the music-streaming service and casually mentioned how much money she missed out on.

"At our current size, payouts for a top artist like Taylor Swift (before she pulled her catalog) are on track to exceed $6 million a year," Ek said. "We expect that number to double again in a year. Any way you cut it, one thing is clear—we're paying an enormous amount of money to labels and publishers for distribution to artists and songwriters, and significantly more than any other streaming service."

Earlier this month, Swift removed her catalogue from Spotify, explaining her decision to Yahoo Music with a music-as-painting metaphor. "I'm not willing to contribute my life's work to an experiment that I don't feel fairly compensates the writers, producers, artists, and creators of this music," she said.

We plebeians might gnash our teeth at the loss of $6 million, but to the second highest-grossing woman in music, that sum is just one less house in Hyannis Port—and a small price to pay for taking a stand.

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