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Arrested Development: The Movie!

Arrested Development was the funniest show on TV—and now it's going to be a movie. Jason Bateman, one of the stars, confirmed that the creators have "put the wheels in motion toward a major motion picture," with rumors flying that the whole cast is willing to sign on.

The most interesting thing about turning indie-darling AD into a movie is that most people never watched the show. Its 53 episodes ran on FOX from 2003-2006, picking up six Emmys, tons of critical acclaim, but not many viewers, and so got axed. I was a DVD latecomer, but now I'm smitten, totally addicted to the show's inside jokes, spewing quotes like I have TV Tourettes.

Your crib sheet: the show's about the sneaky, silly, dysfunctional Bluth family that's used to being fabulously rich but is being undone by the dad's shady business. There's George, who ditches the family for Mexico when the Feds are onto him; Lucille, his Chanel-suit-clad wife; Lindsay, their daughter, gorgeous and vain, married to a possibly gay man named Tobias who always wears cutoff jean shorts under his clothes. Then there are the sons: G.O.B., a failed magician who uses a Segway; Buster, who lives at home and gets panic attacks from pigeons; and Michael — the levelheaded one trying to keep them all from imploding, all while trying to connect with his teenage son, George Michael, who's in love with his own cousin (did we mention she also lives there?).

A hysterical cast joins Bateman (Will Arnett, David Cross, Portia de Rossi, Michael Cera) to make this ridiculous family feel bizarrely plausible…and endlessly entertaining.

Catch up on Seasons 1-3 here

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