Catherine Zeta-Jones Launches New Home Collection: "It’s a World Nobody Knows of Me or My Family"

The Tony award-winning actress discusses her newest passion project.

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“Your bag would look perfect on the couch with the grey—I want to keep it there,” Catherine Zeta-Jones joked after I finished viewing her home collection. The 48-year-old actress—widely known for her roles in The Mask of Zorro, Chicago, and Ocean's Twelve—was clearly thrilled about adding a new talent to her resume: designer.

Jones is set to launch her debut home collection Casa Zeta-Jones on QVC, and it features a range of home decor items from decorative pillows, to embroidered towels, to faux fur throws. And although the collection may seem slightly out of the blue, the actress has been passionate about interiors for decades—starting with when she was a young girl growing up with her seamstress grandmother.

"The time was never right. I had my two young babies, my career, but most importantly I didn’t have the right people around me just yet," she told "My great grandmother was a seamstress—like Downtown Abbey, making silk underwear lace downstairs. I was always stepping on pins in the shag carpet when I was a kid in the ‘70s."

She continued, "It’s a world that nobody knows of me or my husband or my family. What we create inside our four walls is so personal. Making movies is a different medium. It’s completely different to do it in theater as well, but I love it just the same. This is where all of my creative energy gets put when I’m not acting."


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Perhaps the most surprising thing about the collection is its affordability, which Jones dubs as a necessity for consumers. There isn't one piece over $200, and some items are as low as $35.

"I can go out and buy a $1,000 pair of sheets or pillow cases, but I don't! I want it to look like you’re getting much more than you paid for because I defy everyone who says that they don’t love that," she explained. "And I want it to be beautiful, and elegant, and accessible so it can be used anywhere—in the country, in an apartment, in a loft, in an estate. Anywhere."

And Jones is certainly not compromising style for affordability—the collection is extremely personal for the actress. "From day one I said I have to stay true to what I want. If it doesn’t work for Catherine Zeta-Jones, then it certainly doesn’t work for Casa Zeta-Jones. If it’s not in my house, it’s not in anybody else’s house."

Speaking of style, Jones' 14-year-old look-alike daughter Carys Zeta Douglas shares her mother's love of fashion and design. In fact, the actress took Carys to her very first fashion show during NYFW.

"She was so excited and she enjoyed every minute of it. She had been asking me for years," said Jones. "She has a beautiful, natural style. When I was designing her room, I said, ‘What do you want in it?’ And she goes, ‘Surprise me.’ And she loved it."

As for Jones' future in acting and interiors, she's nowhere close to done: "I have a big movie coming out on Lifetime in January, which I’m really excited about. This is just the beginning of a long journey for me. It’s too much fun. I’ve been doing it in my own world, and I feel like now is the time to finally share it."

Casa Zeta-Jones will be available for purchase on QVC beginning September 28th at 10am ET & 10pm ET. You can shop the full collection here.

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