Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling Cracking Up During This Interview Is a Goddamn Delight

It's almost as good as 'Blade Runner 2049' itself.


Harrison Ford has a reputation on screen—especially in his older years—for being rather grumpy. All of his recent reboots, from Indiana Jones to Star Wars, have him reviving his beloved characters as grizzled heroes. So you'd think that would be the case, on- and off-set, going into promotion for Blade Runner 2049.

Oh, but you'd be so wrong. The guy is a goddamn delight—especially alongside puppy dog Ryan Gosling. In an interview with Alison Hammond for ITV This Morning in Britain, Ford and Gosling couldn't stop cracking up. Ford has possibly never laughed this much in his life, as he, Gosling, and Hammond open up some little bottles of whiskey on camera.

They should definitely be in a good mood, because Blade Runner 2049 opens this weekend, and it's fucking awesome. Plus, it's looking at a $50 million opening weekend.

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