A Definitive Timeline of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Relationship

From dalmatians to diamond rings.

October 13, 2016: Murmurings of Turner and Jonas dating begin when fans notice her in the background of this group shot. (She is the bunny, upper right, right below Jonas, who seems to be dressed as a dalmatian.)

November 5, 2016: Turner continues to appear in locations that coincide with DNCE gigs, including a Kings of Leon show in Rotterdam, where Jonas and company perform at the MTV EMAs. Fans determine that that is not really how you would put your arm around a friend, so they, therefore, must be dating.

November 28, 2016: Another background pic, this one at a friend's wedding in Malibu. Nick Jonas is there too, meaning that she has met at least part of the family.

December 2016: A source tells People,"They’re dating exclusively. He was playing the field, but he really likes her and is willing to settle down for her."

April 14, 2017: They go outside arm in arm, and she has "Joe gives me da good good" scrawled on her hand. Clear enough.

January 1, 2017: It's Instagram official!

January 8, 2017: Us Weekly reports that the couple is spotted making out in a corner at a Golden Globes after-party, a rite of passage every celebrity couple must go through.

February 13, 2017: He leaves a fire emoji (🔥) under her photo from the BAFTAs, which he can't attend as he's in L.A. for the Grammys. So does Peter Dinklage, incidentally, but the fire emoji contains multitudes.

May 1, 2017: Here they are kissing at the Met Gala, and that is now Nicholas Ghesquière in the background, but he's not dating anybody pictured.

July 4, 2017: "I'm in a relationship, but it's a very private relationship," the actress told the U.K.'s Sunday Times. Appropriately, she didn't elaborate much more, but did subtly credit Jonas with helping her come out of her shell. "I very much isolated myself for a while and forgot what was fun. Going out with friends, going out to eat, not really having a care," she explained. "And people I've met recently in my life have drawn me out of that. It really helps you own those insecurities. The things I tortured myself about before, I can forget about."

July 21, 2017: At Comic Con, Turner calls Jonas "a good accessory" before getting flustered. "I don't know, I don't know," she tells Entertainment Weekly of Jonas rooting for her Thrones character Sansa Stark to come into power. "We don't talk about it...You made me blush! Oh god, yeah! I'm sweaty, I can't tell."

July 22, 2017: Arriving at LAX, Turner wears a denim jacket embroidered with "Kissing Strangers," the name of a DNCE single.

September 5, 2017: They adopt a puppy together. Pets are the gateway drug to making a lasting commitment, never forget that.

October 15, 2017: With matching Instagram posts featuring her massive, pear-cut diamond ring prominently, Turner and Jonas announce their engagement.

May they enjoy every happiness, and may those suffering like Emo Morgan find peace.

Chelsea Peng
Assistant Editor

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