Meghan Markle Just Had a Tea Party with the Queen and Prince Harry

First of all, it was *high* tea.

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Because her life is a literal fairytale, Meghan Markle spent last week having a discreet tea party with the Queen and Prince Harry, and we say "party" because every hang session with the Queen is obviously lit.

According to the Daily Mail, Meghan and Harry arrived at the Queen's private entrance to Buckingham Palace on Thursday of last week (in a car with blacked-out windows, no less). The tea was said to be extremely informal, and was not "widely publicized within the palace."

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Apparently, instead of taking their tea somewhere more public, the trio chatted in the Queen's private sitting room at around 5 p.m., also known as HRH's "favorite part of the day." They spent about an hour together.

FYI, the Daily Mail reports that this is Meghan's first official meeting with the Queen, though it was also reported that they met over the summer.

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