8 'Stranger Things' Spoilers You Need to Know If You Can't Binge This Season

But still want to have conversations with other humans next week.

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1. Eleven has been living with Hopper.2. Will did become part monster.3. Episode 7, "The Lost Sister," was really polarizing.4. Max chooses Lucas.5. Bob Newly dies.6. Nancy and Jonathan hook up.7. Joyce and Hopper aren't together yet.8. Hopper "adopts" Eleven.

This post contains spoilers for Stranger Things 2.

Stranger Things Season 2 is here and it's all anyone can talk about. If you haven't been able to dedicate nine hours to finishing the new season, but still want to be able to talk other humans this week, here are the spoilers you need to know. 

1. Eleven has been living with Hopper.

One of the burning questions ST fans had after Season 1 was, "WHAT HAPPENED TO ELEVEN?" Season 2 answers that in a series of flashbacks that show Eleven meeting up with Hopper and then moving into his hidden cabin in the woods. Here are some things you can say if Eleven's fate comes up:

"Aren't Eleven and Hopper the cutest duo on the show now?"

"I can kind of see why Eleven left, though."

"Halfway happy..." and then a crying emoji.

2. Will did become part monster.

When Will started vomiting slugs in his Upside Down-ified bathroom in the Season 1 finale, we were collectively like, "Whaaaaat...?"

The slugs may have grown into the Demodogs (mini-Demogorgons that wreak havoc on the town), making Will a vessel for monsters in the real world. He keeps having episodes where he sees the Shadow Monster's version of Hawkins. Eventually, he merges with the Shadow Monster, becoming its eyes and ears in the real world.

Will does seem to be normal and healthy at the end of Season 2 though, so at least there's that.

3. Episode 7, "The Lost Sister," was really polarizing.

Prepare for a lot of conversation about the season's seventh episode, which has fans split. In the episode, Eleven leaves Hawkins and travels to Chicago to team up with Kali, another girl who was experimented on at the lab and has ~special powers~. The episode is a standalone and some people feel like it was filler that takes away from the main narrative of the season. Others love getting more of Eleven's backstory and feel like the episode was necessary to explain how she saves the day in the finale.

4. Max chooses Lucas.

Lucas and Dustin both quickly develop crushes on Hawkins' new cool girl, Mad Max. They both try to woo her (in a very middle school kind of way), but Lucas is the one she dances with at the Snow Ball. You can't go wrong if you say that Lucas and Max are adorable together, but you hope Dustin finds someone in Season 3.

5. Bob Newly dies.

If you struggled with Barb's demise, brace yourself for Bob's devastating death. Bob, played by Sean Astin, is smart and sweet and a great boyfriend and surrogate father. So, when he's ripped apart by Demodogs, it's crushing (even though it's also totally expected). Call for #JusticeforBob and anyone who's seen the season will probably nod in solemn agreement.

6. Nancy and Jonathan hook up.

Nancy and Steve are still together when the season starts, but breakup after she gets drunk and declares their entire relationship to be "bullsh*t." She goes on a quest to get justice for Barb, on which Jonathan tags along. While they're busy bringing down Hawkins Lab, they get busy with each other too. The kiss is epic, the culmination of a lot of painful will they, won't they moments. If you ship Jancy, rejoice—but not too much since it's not clear if they're an official couple or not at the end of the season.

7. Joyce and Hopper aren't together yet.

Joyce is still mourning Bob at the end of the season (along with the rest of us), but the door seems wide open for her and Hopper to get romantic in the future.

8. Hopper "adopts" Eleven.

By the end of the season, Dr. Owens presents Hopper with forged documents that make him Eleven's legal guardian (her legal name is now Jane Hopper). She still needs to lay low, but Hopper does insist on letting her out to attend the Snow Ball with Mike.

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