The Cast of 'Stranger Things' on the Weirdest Fan Theories They've Ever Read About Their Characters

This Nancy theory is intense and Natalia Dyer LOVES it.

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This post contains spoilers about Stranger Things 2.

Stranger Things' second season is out, and fan theories about Season 3 are already bouncing around Reddit. And no, don't think your off-the-wall character theories go unread. The cast has been known to lurk. "I’ve been on Reddit," Joe Keery, who plays Steve on the series, told "I think it was like after Season 1 came out, I went on Reddit and it was like, 'Whoa, people are really going deep.'"

"They go deep!" Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy, added. "They really do think about it."

So what are the strangest Stranger Things theories (ha ha) they've read about their own characters? While Keery couldn't think of a Steve-specific theory to share, Dyer and newcomer Dacre Montgomery (who plays the real world villain, Billy), immediately knew theirs.

"When they released the poster and my face was the only face facing the other way! There was this whole unpacking about that," Montgomery told us. "They put them all up and my character is the only facing the other way."

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"That does seem like a specific decision…" Dyer addd, before weighing in on her own favorite Nancy theory. "I just remember there’s the one from the trailer about Nancy being pregnant. I watched the trailer and I’m like, 'Oh, yeah…'"

"Yeah, Nancy being pregnant," Keery agreed. "That one’s kind of sick. That would have been kind of sick also, if it had been like a Rosemary's Baby sort of thing."

"Yeah that would have been fun," Dyer said. "That one gave me a giggle."

When it comes to theories, though, even the cast have no idea which ones will come true or not. The only people who know that coveted info are the Duffer Brothers themselves. "The Brothers have a document, a nice fat bible that they based all this stuff on," Keery explained. "They hold it close to their chest so we know some stuff but we don’t know it all—and it’s honestly kind of nice to keep it that way."

That said, the actors aren't quite as in-the-dark as fans: "Conversations have been had about hypothetical outcomes for future seasons that may or may not happen," Montgomery admitted cryptically.

Okay, we see you, Dacre. Feel free to share, mmmkay?

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