Lots of People Think Kylie Jenner Just Dropped Hints That She's Having a Girl

In related news: I feel like it's been 20 years since we first heard about her supposed pregnancy.

I think Kylie Jenner might just be messing with us at this point?

On Friday, King Kylie sent out a series of pink-themed posts to Snapchat and now everyone's all a-twitter about (still unconfirmed!) baby being a girl.

Let us see the evidence:

Of course, it was also baby Dream's first birthday party and the theme was obviously PINK BABY, and so maybe it's that!?

What does it all mean?! Maybe nothing — considering the tampons she bought the other day.

Man, alive, you guys. I spend more time thinking about Kylie Jenner's maybe baby than I do about pretty much anything else in my life. I might need new priorities. (JK, I'm perfect! Bring on the hot goss!)

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