Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Joke Around Together in Behind-the-Scenes Video

And a lip-reader caught Harry swearing.

Yesterday, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement and sat down for an interview during which they talked about how the proposal went down, revealed whether they'd be having kids, and told everyone how they met.


But they also revealed a much more playful and goofy side in BTS footage that wasn't included in the original broadcast interview. Tragically the sound is off, but in the above video courtesy of The Daily Mail, you can see them joke around, make faces at each other, and seem genuinely in love.

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(Image credit: BBC)

Even better, a lipreader (who specializes in forensic lipreading for the police) caught Meghan accidentally interrupting Harry, her apologizing, him jokingly saying "Goddammit," and then Meghan teasing, "Do it again!"

So here for these two.

Mehera Bonner
Entertainment Editor

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