Rihanna Giving Her Puppy a Bath Is the Most Adorable Thing You'll See All Day

Pepe's back!


Update, 7/19: Pepe, we've missed you! Since debuting her adorable, drunk-adopted puppy last month, we've been on the lookout for sightings of Rihanna's furry friend. Then, last night, there he was on the singer's Snapchat (clearly his social channel of choice) getting a bath in all his itty-bitty puppy perfection. Rub-a-dub, little guy! Fingers crossed Rihanna's getting him all scrubbed up in preparation for a public appearance. #MorePepePlease (FYI, he has his own Instagram account!!! *How* did we not know this sooner??)

Update, 6/30: Pepe's fluffy teddy-bear face might be the star of this curious tale, but the *real* hero here is Rihanna's incredulous friend, without whom we would never know the incredible circumstances of Pepe's adoption.

After asking the Rihanna the important questions, like "Where the fuck did this bitch find a dog," she moves on to grilling her about...Pepe's origins. And this is RiRi's response:

Did Rihanna stop at Petco to use the bathroom? Are they even open that late? But who would bring a Pomeranian to da club? OMG DID PARIS HILTON GET A DOG TO STAND IN FOR TINKERBELL (god rest her soul)?

We pledge to stay on top of this story as more Snapchats are posted.

Original post, 6/28: Some people drunk-eat, some people drunk-shop—Rihanna drunk-adopts. Last night, the singer went out to the club and came back with an adorable puppy named Pepe. (Where do you even get a puppy in the middle of the night?? Rihanna's friend and I both want to know.) Here is the Snapchat evidence for how it all went down.

No, but seriously, who has ever done this in the history of ever?

Okay, he is really stinkin' cute.

Maybe we should ALL be adopting puppies on our way back from a night out.


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