Impressive: Kylie Jenner Goes Yet Another Week Without Confirming Her Pregnancy

But let's dissect her "appearances" in the new episode anyway.

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Surprise, surprise: The Kardashians are still making us play the waiting game for any kind of confirmation about Kylie Jenner's pregnancy.

Fans were hopeful that tonight's episode might contain some Kylie news after E! dropped an especially tease-y teaser. Tonight's episode was actually part of a two-night event, because, as the narrator explained in the aforementioned teaser, "when it comes to making announcements, the family’s got news so big we need Sunday and Monday just to cover it."

The teaser does hint at a Kylie reveal—when the family is gathered for Khloé's big announcement, Kylie appears on FaceTime and everyone reacts with shock and excitement. It could be clever editing or it could be confirmation (finally) that Kylie is expecting. In either case, we'll have to wait until tomorrow to know for sure because, in true Kardashian fashion, the episode ends on a cliffhanger and contains exactly zero pregnancy announcements.

Tonight's episode, "Mime Over Matter," mostly focuses on Khloé handcuffing a mime to Kris to help her destress (because, sure) and Kourtney fretting over her decision to take a trip to Egypt without her kids. Kylie doesn't not actually appear in the episode at all, in fact. She does make three quasi-appearances, two of which are worth a little analyzing.

First, the unimportant one: a Snapchat clip in one of the transition sequences—shoulders up, nothing exciting or newsworthy.

Second, in the middle of a testimonial, Kris gets a call from a very upset Kylie, lamenting the betrayal of someone on her payroll. All we get is that an unnamed girl who works for Kylie has been caught surreptitiously trying to take a photo of Kylie, even though she's apparently been forbidden from doing so. This is significant because Kylie has basically been in hiding for months, presumably concealing her pregnancy, and this exchange seems to confirm the lengths to which Kylie has gone to stay off the radar.

The third is a weird name drop from Khloé. In the scene just before Khloé handcuffs her mother to a mime (a sentence I never expected to type), she tells Kris to stay put in the kitchen with Kourtney and Kylie—except Kylie isn't there. Kendall is. So, one of three thing must have happened:

1. Khloé accidentally said Kylie and the producers didn't bother to reshoot the scene or have her fix the flub in ADR. Possible, but the KUWTK cast and crew are pros, so it's also possible it's not a mistake.

2. Khloé said Kylie on purpose to throw us off and make us hope Kylie was in the room and drive us crazy with anticipation. Also possible, since the Kardashians play the PR game better than anyone else in the business.

3. Kylie was there, just offscreen, meaning it wasn't a mistake or a misdirect, but an honest statement that just happens to drive us crazy because Kylie remains just off camera, unseen. This would be extra impressive, since it would mean Kylie managed to keep her image completely off the internet for months while still hanging around with her family on filming days.

Wherever Kylie was for this episode, we know we'll *at least* get a little FaceTime scene with her tomorrow, so there's still hope for a reveal worthy of the two-parter's intense teaser.

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