Meghan Markle Majorly Broke Royal Protocol in Wales

She signed an autograph, which is a huge royal no.

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Being a member of the royal family comes with a certain amount of rules, and clearly there's a learning curve because Meghan Markle just broke one. During her visit to Wales with Prince Harry, the Suits actress reportedly signed a little girl named Caitlin Clark's autograph book, writing "Hi Kaitlin" with an accompanying heart and smiley face.

"I don’t really care [about the misspelling]," Clark said. "My heart is still racing. I’ve never got a royal autograph before. This is going to make everyone jealous."

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The Express had previously reported that the royal family aren't allowed to sign their names, as "the long-standing rule remains in place for all royals because of the risk of the signature being forged."

Prince Charles once broke the rule by writing "Charles 2010" for a fan in 2010, but for the most part the family is told to decline all requests for signatures.

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