One of Kylie Jenner's "Goals in Life" Was to Be a Mom

So, was this pregnancy planned?

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In case you hadn't noticed, Kylie Jenner has disappeared from the spotlight probably because she is pregnant with her first child. Either that or she just really doesn't want to hang out with the internet anymore, but we're going with option number one.

While Jenner has yet to confirm the fact that she's expecting, all signs point to her having a baby at age 20 with her boyfriend Travis Scott. And while many assumed this pregnancy was an accident/surprise, a source tells Us Weekly that the beauty mogul has actually always wanted to be a mom—and that pregnancy was one of her "goals."

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"No one in Kylie’s life was shocked when she got pregnant," the source says. "Everyone knew she always wanted to be a mom and that was one of her goals in life."

Kylie has chosen not to go public with her pregnancy, but has been busy working throughout: “[She] has been doing fittings and shoots even though she’s obviously pregnant."

One such shoot appears to be the Kardashian family Calvin Klein campaign, which features Kylie hiding her stomach in every image.

Waiting for an official announcement like....

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