Demi Lovato Lay a Thirst Trap for Henry Cavill and He Jumped in Head-First

Life goal: Be more like Demi Lovato at all times.

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Let us take you on a journey. A journey to Demi Lovato's Instagram, where she recently laid a beautifully plotted-out thirst trap for Henry Cavill, the likes of which the internet has never seen before and fully cannot handle.

Part one:

In which Demi follows Henry, shares a stunning photo of herself, and proceeds to like two of his posts. Consider this trap set.

(Note: Part one is already the best thing we've ever seen.)

Part two:

In which Henry walks right into the thirst trap, follows Demi back, and likes/comments on her photos.

Obviously, this is better than any fairytale, and the internet agrees:

This has been your daily inspo. Have a good one!

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