Sharon Tate's Sister Slams Hilary Duff After She Posts Lookalike Photo

Duff is playing Tate in an upcoming film.

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Hilary Duff is all geared up to play Sharon Tate in The Haunting of Sharon Tate, and the late actress' sister Debra is not having it—claiming the film is "classless" and "exploitative."

Sharon Tate and her unborn child were murdered my members of Charles Manson's cult in 1969, and the film will presumably be tied to the 50th anniversary of her death—something Debra Tate finds understandably upsetting.

"It doesn’t matter who it is acting in it—it’s just tasteless," she told People. "It’s classless how everyone is rushing to release something for the 50th anniversary of this horrific event."

Duff recently shared a photo from set of the film, saying, "Had the incredible opportunity of playing Sharon Tate the past two weeks in an independent movie. She was an amazing woman and it was a true honor."

Meanwhile, Debra also calls aspects of the film's plot (specifically, that Tate had a premonition about her/her boyfriend Jay Sebring's death) into question: "I know for a fact she did not have a premonition—awake or in a dream—that she and Jay would have their throat cut," she said. "I checked with all of her living friends. None of her friends had any knowledge of this. Tacky, tacky, tacky. It’s a total fabrication."

Thus far, Hilary Duff hasn't responded to Debra Tate's concerns.


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