Kate Middleton Is in a Major Fashion Predicament Over Wearing Black at the BAFTAs

If she doesn't support #TimesUp, there will be backlash. If she does, she's breaking royal protocol.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton are set to attend the 2018 BAFTA Awards on February 18, where actresses are expected to wear black dresses in support of the #TimesUp movement—much like at the Golden Globes.

The thing is, and as anyone who watches The Crown knows, royal family members are strictly forbidden from making political statements. If Kate wears a black dress, it could be seen as a breech of royal protocol. But if she doesn't wear one, she could be the only person in the room opting out of supporting this vital moment for women.

It presents a major predicament for her design team, as royal reporters are noting via social media.

As Daily Mirror correspondent Victoria Murphy notes, it's possible that Kate will find a workaround by wearing black with some sort of colorful detailing—an implicit statement of solidarity with #TimesUp that isn't technically all that statement-y.

FYI, this is what Kate wore last time she attended the BAFTAs in 2017:

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Stay tuned for details of this year's dress.

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