Gina Rodriguez Fell at the Oscars, Was Promptly Rescued by Spider-Man

Okay Tom Holland, but still.

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Please be advised that Tom Holland is either a method actor or just a genuinely nice person with good reflexes (probably the latter, right?). Either way, he stepped in to save his co-presenter Gina Rodriguez from a near-tumble at the Oscars, proving that his Spidey Sense is very much still with him.

The pair took the stage at the 2018 Academy Awards to present the award for Best Visual Effects, and managed to be both very stunning and very put together for the live broadcast:

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But, just moments earlier, Tom performed a feat of low-key heroism totally befitting a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and helped Gina avoid taking a spill when someone stepped on the train of her Zuhair Murad gown.

The whole thing was captured and promptly tweeted. Praise smartphones.

Let the GIFs and memes commence.


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