Kris Jenner Treats Khloé to $8,000 Worth of Nursery Items for Her Daughter

That's one lucky baby.

Kris Jenner, momager slash big spender, has reportedly splurged on more than $8,000 of nursery items for Khloé Kardashian. After all, her baby's having a baby! The pair were spotted in L.A. at Petit Tresor and Couture Kids shopping for nursery furniture and baby clothes when Jenner decided to pick up the tab.

"Khloé was focused on neutral colors and a lot of pink items. She loved looking at all the clothes and soft stuffed animals," says a source. "She was bending down and checking everything out, holding and feeling each item she looked at. She was very involved, as was Kris."

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The source continues, "Kris was making suggestions on what Khloé should buy and Khloé agreed with a lot of what she said. Kris paid for everything and was happy to treat Khloé. They ordered furniture that will be delivered to Khloé's home and they left with several bags of baby blankets, toys, and clothes."

Some of the special items? Three giraffes for over $3,600, a pink nursery glider chair with a matching ottoman for $4,200, and $550 for a silver high chair. Khloé, 33, was spotted thanking Kris, 62, several times and she's very "happy" and "excited" about the purchases. She's expecting her first child with boyfriend Tristan Thompson in a few short weeks.

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