Beyoncé Went Shopping at Target with Blue Ivy This Weekend—What Did You Do?

Just picking up the essentials for Rumi and Sir.

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It's extremely possible that you did the exact same thing as Beyoncé this weekend. If you visited Target to pick up some "essentials" and ended up filling an entire cart, then you have a lot in common with the Lemonade singer. Stars, they're just like us!

Spotted by some eagle-eyed fans, Beyoncé was strolling the aisles with Blue Ivy, shopping up a storm in Target. According to one tweet, mother and daughter were spotted in the LA Westwood branch yesterday, just in case you want to start hanging out there on the regular:

As for what they were buying, it looked like Blue Ivy had hidden some colorful cupcakes underneath the cart, which was overflowing. Oh, to know everything that Beyoncé buys when she shops in Target.

Beyoncé recently attended the Wearable Art Gala at the Alexandria Ballrooms in Los Angeles, where she was honored for her contribution to humanitarian work. Blue Ivy and Jay Z accompanied her, and Beyoncé's daughter totally stole the show.

In addition to attempting to bid $19,000 on a piece of art at the evening's auction, Blue Ivy owned the red carpet, dressed from head to toe in gold.

The theme of the night was "From WACO to Wakanda," and everyone's outfits reflected Black Panther's huge influence on the world.

This weekend isn't the first time that Beyoncé has been spotted shopping in Target. Before Christmas, she hit up the store with Blue Ivy and her mom, Tina Lawson, to do some festive shopping. Clearly, Beyoncé is a big fan. Aren't we all?

Amy Mackelden

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