Gigi Hadid Just Liked One of Zayn's Instagrams

Might they reconcile?

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Usually, when celebrity couples split with statements about "amicable breakups" and "remaining friends," that's code for "we don't want to talk about it—leave us alone, please."

But it looks like Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik might actually still be friends post-breakup.

On Thursday, Zayn posted a picture of his awards shelf. "Looking at last years achievements blows me away," he wrote in the caption. "I cannot begin to describe how grateful I am, from Bradford to here, this is all a dream to me still...I owe it all to my incredible fan base love you all!! So much!! and new music coming for you all soon."

Gigi is apparently just as proud of Zayn's shiny shelf of accomplishments as he is—she liked the Instagram.

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File these two under "exes who are actually still friends." And color us hopeful for a reconciliation.


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