Gigi Hadid Accidentally Called Blake Lively OId in This Interview

"Nothing makes me feel younger or more relevant." 

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GH: When I see old movies, I love that about prom.

BL: I love being compared to old movies. Nothing makes me feel younger or more relevant.

Gigi Hadid is a 22-year-old person and Blake Lively is a 30-year-old person. They were born less than a decade apart but those eight years represent a chasm the size of social media in how they were shaped as teens. The age gap was on full display when Blake (a very cool and hip human, by most people's standards) interviewed Gigi for the May 2018 issue of Harper's Bazaar.

When Instagram and prom came up, Gigi accidentally, low-key called Blake old and it was #hilarious, as the kids would say (or would they? I'm Blake's age so I really wouldn't know).

It started innocently enough, with an exchange about Instagram and Blake showing off her patented self-deprecating sense of humor:

BL: Well, you’re for sure good at curating images. I love your Instagram; it’s so artistic. My social media, on the other hand, looks like a screen grab from Supermarket Sweep.

GH: I like your Instagram!

BL: It’s all over the place. Sometimes I use filters, sometimes I don’t. I don’t use a nice even aesthetic.

GH: For me, social media comes up very much as a timeline. I was a sophomore in high school when Instagram launched and started posting the year after.

Then things got beautifully awkward, with Gigi referencing "old movies" when talking about proms like Blake's.

BL: Detour....Did you go to prom?

GH: All four years.

BL: Wait, you were asked to prom as a freshman? My God, you were cool. I’m so intimidated now. Do you have your prom pictures on there? Can we go down the Instagram rabbit hole and see all of this? Where did you get your dress?

GH: I never bought a prom dress; I just went in my mom’s closet. We wear the same size shoe and dress, so it was major.

BL: Did you have a “fancy gown” prom, or was it more Laguna Beach? I know, I’ve got high-class reality-TV references.

GH: In Malibu, we wore short dresses to prom because it’s a beach town. The gown situation wasn’t really our thing.

BL: Yeah, my prom situation was full-on Toddlers & Tiaras.

GH: When I see old movies, I love that about prom.

BL: I love being compared to old movies. Nothing makes me feel younger or more relevant.

Key takeaways: Gigi Hadid was very cool in high school and Blake Lively is hilarious, young, and relevant forever.

Kayleigh Roberts
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