Kim Kardashian Went to Her 20-Year High School Reunion Last Night

Kim Kardashian West returned to her high school, Marymount High School in Bel-Air​, on Friday night to celebrate her 20-year reunion.

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Kim Kardashian attended her 20-year high school reunion Friday night, returning to her alma mater, Marymount High School in Bel-Air. Kim graduated from the all-girls Catholic school back in 1998 and reunited with her high school crew for the occasion.

Kim and her friends rented out a party bus because obviously Kim K is going to roll up to her reunion in style or not at all.

"Of course I had to get a party bus for the class of '98," she said, according to E Online.

While Kim has yet to post any pictures from the event to her Instagram grid, she did share videos and pictures of the festivities on her Stories.

The reality star and business mogul posed for tons of pictures with old friends and classmates.

Kim also reflected on how she behaved in high school (and she has no regrets). "So my friends are worried that we're gonna run into people that they were mean to and I feel so good about my conscience, that I was so nice to everyone," Kim said at one point in the night.

Tl;dr: Kim Kardashian and the rest of the class of '98 did things right.

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