Did You See Prince George's Grumpy Wave Goodbye to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

He stood behind Princess Charlotte who was waving up a storm.

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Did you spot Prince George at the Royal Wedding? Sure, he walked in with Meghan and the rest of the page boys at the beginning of the ceremony (though he didn't get the honor of holding her dress), but... where did he go?

When Meghan and Prince Harry's families gathered on the steps of St. George's Chapel, it looked like just Prince Willliam, Kate Middleton, and Princess Charlotte were there to wave the bride and groom goodbye. But... wait! Spotted just behind enthusiastic waver, Princess Charlotte: An adorably grumpy looking George:

Is the sun in his eyes? Is he feeling shy?

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You can see him leaning against his dad as the family waves to fans (and the bride and groom).

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George was first spotted in the car on the way to the church (looking curiously out the window) with his mom, the Duchess of Cambridge:

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Bye, Uncle Harry and Aunt Meghan!

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