Meghan Markle, Modern Woman, Walked Herself Down the Aisle

She made her way to the altar solo before being greeted by Prince Charles.

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Meghan Markle made a bold statement the moment she appeared in St. George's Chapel today (and no, we're not just talking about her stunning Givenchy dress). She just walked down half of the wedding aisle solo, and looked completely incredible doing it.

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Meghan entered her wedding ceremony alone before being met at the West Door by a clergy member. Instead of being accompanied by Prince Charles down the aisle the entire time, she entered St. George's Chapel on her own—only trailed by the bridesmaids and page boys while following the senior member of the church. Prince Charles met her at the Quire, otherwise known as the area right before the altar.

The best part? Rather than following the American wedding tradition where the father "gives away the bride," Prince Charles stepped behind Meghan while she walked up to Prince Harry and began their vows. I'm not crying, you're crying.

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Follow along here as we report on the royal wedding in real-time—from the dress to the tiara to Harry and Meghan's most adorable moments.


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