Prince Harry and Prince William Share Another Cute Best Man Moment at the Royal Wedding

Remember Harry's "Wait until you see her" moment at Will and Kate's wedding?

Prince William and Prince Harry
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Remember that super cute moment at Will and Kate's wedding when Prince Harry whispered "wait until you see her" to his brother as Kate Middleton made her way down the aisle to her future husband?

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That might have been back in 2011, but the two brothers shared another sweet, gif-able moment today when Meghan Markle walked down the aisle toward Prince Harry. Prince William, who stood beside his brother in front of the altar, seemed to say "ready?" and Harry gave a little head nod back and tried to collect himself (emotions!).

So sweet and very royal bros-y. The two shared a few teasing asides throughout the morning as they waited for the ceremony to kick off:

And Harry had a little comment of his own when he saw his bride. He can be seen telling Meghan "you look amazing" in this adorable clip:

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So many congratulations to the happy royal couple!

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