Kourtney Kardashian's Boyfriend Younes Bendjima Left Her a Gross Instagram Comment

Apparently, he didn't like her thong bikini.

Kourtney Kardashian Younes Bendjima
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Right up until this point, it seemed as though Kourtney Kardashian and boyfriend Younes Bendjima were kind of living the dream together. They’ve pretty much spent their entire relationship riding jet skis and yachting around Cannes, which, fun!

But this week, fans have done an instant one-eighty on Bendjima and are now pointing him in the direction of the closest door, after spotting what might categorically be the worst Instagram comment that a boyfriend can leave for his girlfriend.

On Monday, Kourtney shared a picture of herself looking super cute, carefree, happy, and the epitome of summer, wearing a giant hat while lounging in the leafy shade. What could possibly be the problem with that, you cry? Oh, her thong bikini, according to her boyfriend. YUP.

In a comment seemingly designed to shame his girlfriend, who was quietly minding her own business and looking flawless in swimwear, Bendjima allegedly wrote in front of her 65 million followers: “that’s what you need to show to get likes?”

Meanwhile, on the same photo, younger sister Kendall Jenner had commented “yes tooshie,” which just goes to show that sisters should always be placed above and beyond misters.

Unsurprisingly, Kourtney's fans have rallied to her defense and shut down Younes in response to his policing of her body. Check any shirtless photo on his own Instagram now, and you’ll find a comments section filled with the same message that he left for Kourt. That’s what you need to do to get likes?

Kardashian fans are NOT here for double standards, and rightly so. Kourtney, check him.

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