Why Chrissy Teigen Stormed Out of John Legend's Music Video Set a Decade Ago

"In my mind, oh, he was in trouble."

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Here's something you didn't know for your Monday: Chrissy Teigen stormed out of now-hubby John Legend's music video set 10 years ago. On Twitter, the social media darling explained: Chrissy was jealous as she watched John laugh with the woman in the video, she was 22, she was watching the set like a "psychotic tarantula hawk," and she fully owns up to all of it, one tweet at a time.

The whole thing started with MEFeater Magazine's tweet congratulating John Legend and André 3000 on the ten-year anniversary of their music video, "Green Light." So, Chrissy Teigen posted a tweet with her side of the story: "Fun fact: I had a jealousy-fueled meltdown visiting this video set and made an asshole out of myself to a large group of people."

The teasing just continued—Chrissy, just tell us the story! She wrote, in a follow-up Tweet, "Oh, you want to know more, do you?"

She refreshed with John. Thank you, John, for speeding things up. We want to hear the rest.

And she gives a little detail. "It began with our friends...talking about how BEAAAAAAUUUUTIFUL some of the women were..."

Chrissy thought those "friends" were trying to rile her up, get her jealous. "THEY WERE DEFINITELY RILING ME UP," she adds.

Enter the "psychotic (tarantula) hawk" here.

Now, let us diverge for a second. Chrissy and John met on a music video set. In 2007. Chrissy was that girl. "I know how this shit works!" she writes.

Chrissy's Twitter story-timeline isn't over, though. Now we hear about the conversation that she imagined was occurring as John and the girl in the video laughed together.

Here we hit the climax. Alan Ferguson (he has directed music videos with Solange Knowles, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Katy Perry, and many more) watched as Chrissy stormed out sobbing.

But now we rejoice in the light that is Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's relationship. "I'm better now," says Chrissy. "BUT DON'T TEST ME."

Don't test her. We can't imagine a world without them.

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

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