Meghan Markle Was Planning on Her Own Cookbook Long Before She Became Duchess of Sussex

Now her dream is a reality.

The Duchess Of Sussex Hosts 'Together' Cookbook Launch
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The big royal news of the moment has to be Meghan Markle’s first solo project as Duchess of Sussex, in the form of her exciting, collaboration charity cookbook. From her inspiring foreword for the project, to her involvement in all aspects of the launch last week, it’s clear that Meghan is endlessly passionate and proud of her work on Together: Our Charity Cookbook.

But, as well as the incredible cause behind the endeavor, Meghan’s obvious love for the project becomes even more understandable when you see that she that she’s been planning on releasing her own cookbook for years now, and it's pretty much a dream come true.

It’s no secret that Meghan is totally food-obsessed with an inherent love for all things foodie (she and Harry even got engaged over one of her traditional home-cooked meals). With that in mind, it totally makes sense that her old lifestyle blog, The Tig, once made reference to her future plans to publish a cookbook.

Way back in a 2015 interview, the former actress and lifestyle guru revealed to Bay Street Bull that she had a "big vision" for her own brand, which may or may not have included a "big cookbook’/travel collaboration."

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“There is a vision, and it’s a big one,” a pre-royal Meghan explained. “I see it evolving into an international brand with many different iterations. It’s a timely question because those are conversations that are happening right now. But I just want to grow the team and certainly see it become even more impactful. Who knows, I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw a Tig cookbook or travel collaboration down the road. The opportunities are endless.”

If, by "international brand," 2015 Meghan happened to be meaning becoming a representative of a 53-country-wide Commonwealth and if, by "a Tig cookbook," she means creating a huge charity project for a wonderful cause, then dreams really do come true.


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