Jenna Dewan Doesn't Care If You Compare Her To Jessie J, Thank You Very Much

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In case you missed it, Channing Tatum is dating singer Jessie J. He was spotted bringing his daughter to one of her concerts, and they even became Instagram-official on Monday, which is now the new "In a Relationship" status on Facebook. (Once it's on Instagram, it must be real.) Meanwhile, Channing's former wife Jenna Dewan—she's so much more than that, but for the sake of storytelling, let's just leave it at that for now—has moved on, too, dating Tony-winning actor Steve Kazee.

And, as is the nature of these things, naturally, fans started comparing Jessie J and Jenna Dewan because we can't just let people have nice things. And in this case, the comparisons are that Jessie J and Jenna Dewan look so much alike Channing must have a "type." What's even better is that Jenna Dewan knows and sees what the fans are saying, and it's just water off a duck's back for her.

A user commented on one of Dewan's Instagram posts, explaining that they didn't understand the source of the "striking resemblance" between Jessie J and Dewan, but that they were "just trying to spread positive vibes." In the sea of monstrous Instagram comments, this is a nice and decent one.

Dewan responded with "Positive vibes all the way," with a kiss emoji, because she's not bothered by any of this.


Let other people make the comparisons. She doesn't need any of that. She's moving on, so is he. And to that I say to both of them,"Get it."

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