Kaley Cuoco's 33rd Birthday Celebrations Were Ruined by Jim Parsons

Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons have a sweet dynamic on their hit show The Big Bang Theory, now in its last season, and their friendship carried over off screen. But Parsons just made an (intentional?) mistake that ruined Cuoco's on-set birthday yesterday in the most delightful way.

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Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons have a sweet dynamic on their hit show The Big Bang Theory, now in its last season, as snarky friends Penny and Sheldon. And at least it seemed that their friendship carried over off screen, as the two have shown up in each other's social media and hugging on the red carpet. But all of that might be about to change, all thanks to Cuoco's on-set birthday celebration and the tragic mistake that Parsons made.

I kid, of course. Here's the story: Apparently, there was a super-secret birthday cake just for Cuoco, whose birthday is today. Designed with rainbow sprinkles and a personal message, it looked like the perfect present. The problem is, Parsons actually shared a photo of the cake before it was officially time for the unveiling. He might have been channeling Sheldon as a clueless slip-up—or, it might have been a crafty prank on his long-time costar.

Parsons immediately followed up with Cuoco's reaction to the snafu, which seemed... unenthused, at best. "Oops," he captioned it.

Oops is right. Was it intentional? Is there a secret grudge now between the two of them? We may never know!

Actually, no, we totally do. Cuoco just got married this past summer to Karl Cook in adorable (and in some ways actually quite affordable) style. We're not totally sure if Parsons attended, but he sent her a sweet sendoff on Instagram.

They're friendship goals, in the best way—pranks included.

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