Bibiana and Peter Kraus From 'The Bachelor' Might Be Dating, According to This Footage

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I'm hyperventilating and all I want to do is type question marks over and over again unto infinity, but I have Important News to share: Judging by a very subtle cameo in a video posted by sports website Bleacher Report to Twitter—a video that was intended solely for sports-related purposes, might I add—Bibiana Julian and Peter Kraus from The Bachelor, and The Bachelorette, respectively, might be A Thing. I repeat: Bibiana and Peter might be A Thing.

You'll remember Bibiana and Peter as two of Bachelor Nation's most beloved stars. Peter, for being one-half of one of the most painful breakups ever seen on The Bachelor (and we're probably into the thousands at this point), and Bibiana, for being a mainstay on Arie's season of The Bachelor, last winter's Bachelor: Winter Games, and this summer's edition of Bachelor in Paradise. In spite of the extensive time she spent on all of those seasons, Bibiana never found love, and now I know why—she was waiting for Peter Kraus, because, on some level, aren't we all waiting for Peter Kraus?

The evidence: This 19-second video of, I don't know, something with basketball, which is not particularly interesting to me until about 15 seconds in, when the camera pans to...a basketball player, I don't know, and to the left you can clearly see two people that look a lot like Bibiana (!) and Peter (!!), and maybe-probably-definitely Peter might have his hand on her knee and oh my God oh my God oh my God!

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Last time we checked in with Peter (and I do mean literally checked in, we spoke to him personally last month, it will be in the highlight reel of my life), he suggested he might still be single. From Amanda Mitchell's interview with him for

To anyone who's still holding onto hope he might be the show's lead, or anyone who felt disappointed that The Bachelor isn't who they wanted, Kraus has some advice: "I'm still a person that's out in the real world. Like if they want to say, 'Hi,' say, 'Hi'. Come to my bootcamps. Meet me in person, and then get to know me. "
Hear that? His DMs may be closed to becoming The Bachelor, but they might be wide open for you. You never know.

Although...with the benefit of hindsight, this also could read like hedging. Peter! I see what you were doing there, you sneaky devil!

Anyway, here's another screenshot of the two of them, and also a basketball player.


Ringer reporter Rodger Sherman first pointed out Bibiana and Peter's cameo on Wednesday:

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Okay. Okay. Deep breaths. Deep breaths, Jenny. If you need me, I'll be watching this footage on loop and tearing up a little.

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